The Soundtrack

Yes, we have a soundtrack – and it’s the best!

Fire Mane – „Mama’s Home“

I cannot express how happy and honored I am to have Chrissie Fire Mane’s music integrated as soundtrack of Daughters of the Sun.

Mama’s Home captures like no other album the vibes and spirit of the times, from ancient spirit of life, our inner values, our feelings, our challenge, our new trust, our union of feminine and masculine, our stepping into power, our saying no to destruction, and our walking a new way, away from struggle into new constructive positive creation aligned with our truth, our hearts, our love, our genius and higher being, our celebration, our liberation. Way to Go!

What an inner journey and guidance for those of us feeling the pain in the world, the inner transformations, the challenge of overcoming anger which is not part of us. What a fantastic role model to our youth – to overcome the old, defunct ways of angry activism. Just Walk Into The New. Healed, and Healing Those Around Us. And this aligned with the purest wisdom keepers of ancient traditions, from the desert to the highest mountains. Wow.

The songs accompany the book’s chapters ringing with the themes.

  1. Creation Song
  2. Silver Sword
  3. White Buffalo Calf Woman
  4. Nu Mu
  5. Emerald Streets
  6. Reclaim These Lands
  7. March On
  8. Vive Fuerte
  9. Future Ancients
  10. Mother’s Prayer
  11. Return

Note the two meanings of Mama’s Home. in terms of Planet Earth and Gaia Sophia. It’s all coming together now – we are letting the old story and twisted gameplay go. That’s over now. Now WE CREATE THE RULES and the World That Our Heart Has Always Known Is Possible.

With DOTS, our girls, who are daughters of both the Earth (you know that) and the Sun (were you aware? it sends a gleam into girls‘ eyes when they hear this) step into strength, softness and purity.

Listen to songs, purchase your copy and share widely