The Heroines

As you read their names, consider that readers can take action with them


Abbie Barnes, Songthrush Productions, Great Britain

Adora Svitak, USA

Alicia Serratos, Playwell Africa, USA

Avalon Theisen, Conserve it Forward, USA

Cassandra Lin, Turn-Grease-Into-Fuel, USA

Chloe Falkenheim, Vegan Youth, USA

Chloe Maxmin, Divest Harvard, USA

Emma and Julia Mogus, Books With No Bounds, Canada

Gabrielle Posard, Donate Don’t Dump, USA

Jessie, Cards for Hospitalized Kids, USA

Holley Somerville-Knott, Tell Someone Who Cares, Australia

Kehkashan Basu, Green Hope, UAE

Lulu Cerone, Lemonaid Warriors, USA

Madi Vorva and Rhiannon Tomtishen, Project Orangs, USA

Mayerly Sanchez, Children’s Movement for Peace, Colombia

Miranda Andersen, Environmental Filmmaker, Canada

Neha Gupta, Empower Orphans, USA

Nellie Shute, Nellie For Ellies, Hong Kong, China

Olivia Bouler, Art for Fundraising, USA

Olivia Taylor, 4 Elements Conservation, South Africa

Pacha’s Pajamas, Dreamland

Rachel Barge, Campus Empower, USA

Rachel Parent, Kids Right To Know, Canada

Robyn Hamlyn, Water Warriors, Canada

Skateistan, Afghanistan, Cambodia, South Africa

Taylor Finderup, New Zealand


Ameena Matthews, Ceasefire Chicago, USA

Andrea Mendez-Brandam, Noticias Positivas Radio Magazine, Argentina

Andrea Paige, USA

Chido Govero, Chido’s Coffee, Zimbabwe

Christina Fire Mane Charley, Australia

Erin Gruwell, Freedom Writers Foundation, USA

Holly Kearl, Stop Street Harassment, USA

Incredible Edible, Great Britain

Jane Mc Gonigal, Institute for the Future, USA

Julia Bacha, Just Vision, Brazil, Palestine

Kirani Webb, Health in Harmony, Indonesia

Miriam Clements, Sustainability Quality Purpose, France

Naima McLean, South Africa

Nidhi Gauran, India

Ocean Ramsey, Water Inspired, Hawaii

Ping-Ping Wokarate, Peace Revolution, Malaysia

Polly Higgins, End Ecocide Campaign, Great Britain

Pooja Vishwakarma, Bal Manch, India

Raabia Hawa, Walk With Rangers, Kenya

Selina Juul, Stop Spild Af Maad, Denmark

Sister Somalia, Somalia

Usha Vishwakarma, The Red Brigade Lucknow, India

Vandana Shiva, Navdanya, India

Zen Honeycutt, Moms Across America, USA

With mention and links to many more incl Indigenous activists,

Amma, Amy Goodman (Democracy Now), Anna and Frances Moore-Lappé (Small Planet Institute), Anita Sarkeesian, Birute Galdikas, Brené Brown, Candy Chang, Dadi Janki (BKWSU), Erica Fernandez, Erica Ford, FRIDA Women’s Fund, Hannah Taylor, Jane Goodall, Jessie-Ruth Corkins, Joanna Macy, Madi Stewart (Shark Girl), Nancy Roof (Kosmos Journal), (Children’s Parliaments India), Peruvian Initiative of Sterilized Women, Phoebe Myers, Samantha Sword, Tippi Degré, Women of Standing Rock…

as well as extraordinary cartoons, short films, documentaries and artwork

Benchmark of Selection

Changemakers are selected by a very high standard. What matters is to inspire, equip and empower the reader to turn into users and make a difference by supporting, scaling, replicating powerful solutions.

  • proven model solution
  • well visually documented; inspirational, memorable, comprehensible
  • replicable by youth and adults everywhere
  • available by mail or skype for support to replicate their solution

These are the cornerstones enabling replication for real world change.

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