• 1/1 page sized, European A4
  • full color
  • 270 pages
  • online multimedia : videos, music


  • Secret Codes to unlock bonus contents
  • Contributions in art, song, video, action
  • Featured in YL online and print media
  • Connecting with heroInes on social media


  • discovering new dimensions as they grow up
  • a veritable artefact


Daughters of the Sun

  • features the model solutions of dozens of outstanding girl and women changemakers
  • told in stunning, memorable visuals, with interviews, photo essays and online multimedia
  • each story culminating in a take action section

bringing the stories alive with online multimedia

  • hours of powerful online videos,
  • heroines profiles with additional articles, interviews, tools
  • their social media streams for live interaction
  • year-round updates, news and freebies

equipping for action

  • on favorite causes for everyone
  • joining a groundbreaking youth leadership training program
  • backed up by a global changemaker community

with profound impact

  • changing worldview on self, girls, women, youth, adults and our common future,
  • generating thousands of supporters, allies and members for the heroInes initiatives
  • 100% of sales profits going 1/3 to heroines‘ causes
  • 1/3 to seeding youth leadership media to schools and communities (also yours, if you get involved)
  • 1/3 to the Change Generation Rising educational and leadership program



Books are the PRIME FORMAT for bringing this

  • into bookstores
  • into libraries
  • into homes
  • onto shelves
  • into the hands of our kids
  • with long-term presence
  • radiating energy almost like an artefact
  • as a lifelong companion

Make Your copy a gift for yourself or loved ones.

I invite you to think of the value of copies in MULTIPLIER environments like public libraries, office canteens, girls clubs, coffee tables and schools! Each copy opens a world of opportunity to many, many readers over a long time.

We seed YL media to focus regions of our heroInes, and hope that you will help us. We have beautiful perks as rewards. Thank you.

„I can’t even say how awesome this is. I never could have imagined such teens exist.“

„I wish I had had this when I was at school. It would have activated my so much earlier.“

„This gives me so much hope.“

„Incredibly precious.“