I really, really care for this young generation … and for those who don’t know it : we can now empower the Change Generation beyond your imagination!

Hiya! As Founder of YOUTH-LEADER, my mission is to empower the Change Generation and their adult allies to create a world of peace, sustainability and abundance for all. The solutions exist, the trick is to get to, inspire, equip and empower the people to implement them. That’s my life’s work.

A brand priority right now is to get the world’s finest changemakers from the internet into the hands of our youth – in the form of BOOKS – via bookstores, libraries, homes, schools and your new birthday gift evergreen – opening doors into the world of changemaking, as a lifelong companion and powerful artefact.

The first book is tuned to what catches people’s attention AND is a super important AND high impact topic:

  • girl heroInes
  • girl empowerment
  • youth leadership
  • action tools
  • supportive community

It’s 90% drafted and an absolute cracker! The featured changemakers are global top stars. I know them personally, and inspired readers can work with them, for real. No one pulled this off before. This is a box of fireworks.

By pre-ordering the book, you make an important contribution to making this book BEST, as I am working with several heroInes on including their latest groundbreaking campaigns, adding exciting multimedia elements to the reading experience. 

People say they’re inspired by what I do but honestly – me and those heroInes, we cannot do that alone.


Other ways to help are purchases from our superb gift store, as well as making donations to the Print Fund, and even fundraising for DOTS heroInes by getting your workmates and members involved. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Why I say it’s worth getting up and contributing (!)

I’d like to share with you what drives and inspires ME that much to commit to this cause. It’s that truly and entirely different generation IS emerging. They are SO different from us today as we are from minions in Rome who indulged in watching humans being dismembered and eaten alive by lions. We did advance.

Adult generations today however, are totally incompetent at making things better in the world, it’s actually all going down the drain now, peops. The young, on the other hand, are the first global generation to across the board display attitudes towards peacem sharing collaboration. We are showing you through global research among youth across the planet in DOTS. You’ll start crying. At this bliss, and at the horror we are forcing into and onto them as adult generations and the demons operating via media.


Still, these teens have the capacity to ascend to qualify as inhabitants and co-creators (hero virtue displaying changemakers!) of a global, peaceful, just, thriving and sustainable civilization of peace, joy and abundance for all. DOTS is an entryway in kids hands at HOME into that new era.

And my work with the heroines united in YOUTH-LEADER is helping them learn the skills. Check out what’s happening below.

Where I come from

I have been spending the past twenty years in the company of hundreds of the Einsteins and Gandhis of today, many of them in their teens. Driven by the vision to bring their solutions to the schools of the world, I have combined and pioneered best practices at the intersection of positive news, informal learning, education and youth leadership in 16 languages and mobilized twelve thousand online volunteers from seventy nations. As the founder of

  • YOUTH-LEADER – a global positive news publisher, education program and volunteer community uniting hundreds of teen and adult changemakers under one banner for bringing their solutions and services to our global young generation at school.
  • CHANGE GENERATION RISING – a groundbreaking educational and youth leadership training program involving teens and adult allies in a year-round stream of action, in partnership with grand changemakers around the planet.
  • YL BOOST CLUB – a community uniting citizen donors and changemakers for boosting heroInes and youth leadership

I have gained UNESCO status, Ashoka Challenge Pacemaker Status, led two teams to win UNOV awards, and I have been honored with the Images and Voices of Hope IVOH Award.

Below are a few more impressions of what I do.

Pssst! This young-looking lad does have experience. He’s forty-five now, born in 1971.

Media on Youth Leadership

for various users, settings and purposes – books, calendars, cardgames, coloring books, teaching tools, videos, games, music, even a musical … inspiring readers with youth leadership and humanity’s finest solution-knowledge, in powerful, memorable form

World-Premiere Media

… designed with changemakers‘ authentic videos, photos, secrets – richly illustrated, profound interviews, app- and QR code-linked to online videos, action guides, heroInes‘ social media streams, with instant action opportunities !


... empowering Readers to Turn into Users

with a wide scope of tools for inspiring their family, peers, schools and communities – using videos, poster sets, exhibits, presentation kits, fundraisers etc online and onsite

... as Part of a Global Community

uplifted with a year-round stream of actions, becoming part of the heroInes adventures(!), contributing with donations, fundraisers, petitions, campaigns, exhibits, presentations, projects and more aligned with their lifestyle, favorite causes and priorities

Publish in 20 Languages

to spread the youth leadership phenomenon, the heroInes‘ stories, their initiatives … across the entire planet

Empower Parents and Citizens

to better live their values and aims for themselves, their children, students, their workplace, communities, at home and abroad

Leadership Program for Youth Age 8-18

enabling them to grow up taking action with today’s Gandhis and Einsteins, and evoke world-changing impact like their famous peers

Summer Camps for Teenage Activists

inspired by our media, on fire to unfold their super powers at school and beyond, as well as to develop campaigns solving needs in their home regions

Presentation & Project Development Packs

enabling citizens to act as messengers and mentors for inspired youth, as well as organizations to boost their impact by connecting with youth at school

Tools, Tricks & Support for High Impact Student Clubs

to create omni-presence at school, involve the entire school community and make significant impact

Media for HeroInes & Their Campaigns

enabling them to better reach into schools and public worldaround, and equip readers, members and followers to turn into users, support and replicate their solutions

Support for "HeroIne" Field Partners

to boost their model solutions to national scale, powered by partnering schools and citizens abroad, as well as equipping them with YL media for strengthening their presence in schools, public and media, and their support

Superb Field Partners for Schools

enabling groundbreaking intensity, real world impact, seeing success unfold, meeting „live“, ample activities on both sides, creative opportunity for adaptation, even visits on site… – as well as taking their solutions to greater scale

Add-Ons for Education Programs & Curricula

adding heroIne role models, solutions and action guides to amplify student inspiration, involvement and activities, as well as opportunity beyond the program

Teaching Tools

equipping teachers, students and citizens for making solution stories and role models part of learning culture

Get YL Stories into Textbooks

adding value to their units on global issues and foreign language learning – „The most energized lesson ever“ – for optimal motivation on audio-visual understanding, presentations, conversations, translation, transcription, subtitling…

Seed Media in Focus Regions

getting into schools, reaching 1,000s of youth, and also boosting the reach and impact of our heroIne friends, and student clubs like at Beijing Royal School

Train 100's of Online Volunteer Writers

in research, writing, editing, translating and spreading Positive News stories

Positive News Online & Print Magazine

online, as pdf, in print (for cafes, homes…) and even as XL-sized Wall Display(!) in schools, reaching all students daily, serving student clubs as space and learning environment to inspire and involve their community

Get YL Stories into Media

adding value, purpose and meaning to their coverage of global issues, supporting mental health, and cultivating an active citizenry

Promote HeroIne Role Models

to parents, education, media, civil society organizations – by explaining their key role for human behavior, transformational learning processes, as well as providing the world’s finest role models, programs for unfolding one’s own inner heroIne and evolve into a heroIne role model to others

Re-Animate Virtues, Culture & The Sacred

as our essential resource for creating a good world and upgrading ourselves as co-creators, inhabitants and stewards of a global, peaceful, just, thriving and sustainable, a sacred civilization.

Combine Gaming & World Change

through badges, levels, credits and honors in Change Generation Rising, backed by worldclass knowledge on positive aspects of gaming and how to boost them

Advance Positive Change Media Culture

uplifting and empowering with solutions, heroIne role models, instant action opportunity and involving their audiences, serving their purpose as macro communication tool of our societies


on youth leadership, positive news culture and more

Improve the Image of Youth

as innocent, fresh, free, as the brightest, most empathic, caring, and best educated generation in history, setting records in volunteering, and changing lives, laws, industries and learning culture at unprecedented scale, at already 12,000 schools

Change Worldview on Girls and Women

by showing female changemakers with courage, impact and vision far beyond even the greatest male changemakers. Yes, surprise.

New Learning Culture, Powered by Students

with respect for Our New Highly Gifted (empathic changemaker youth) as „assistant teachers“, making their contributions or YL Stories part of every subject once or twice per semester.

Experts, parents and youth enjoy my presence, vision, rate my workshop sessions the best of week-long programs, some call me a mentor, others a legend. I am not saying this to show off, but because personal feedback counts more than awards, and I wish to give you a few numbers and reference points why your investment in what I stand for is worthy – so that the treasures that I have accumulated may get seeded to our global young generation at record speed!


I feel family with Stephen Ritz, epic founding captain of the Green Bronx Machine (Top 10 World Teacher Prize) who says „I am the oldest 5th grader that you’ll ever meet. Every morning I jump out of bed enthusiastic and ready for the adventures of the day!“ which may be a reason why I look younger than my 45 years, and why my inventions for youth are different from what the world has seen. So let’s make this happen.


I would finance DOTS from my own pocket, if I could.

If you feel that my work is precious for the world, you can make me and the world a huge gift – and that is to back and boost me personally for the tim of the start-up phase until YL’s publications and programs kick off financial engines.

Fact is, though, that I have been investing my past fiften years in designing above listed innovations in the field of youth leadership – and innovation is never understood nor paid.

So, I have been able to operate, but I have zero resources, and have spent the past year on the road scouting regions of Italy and France for their learning culture, as well as for summer camps for teen activists.

So, if you have resources to share, this is a good time to share them.

My Boost Club page also has in-kind support options at the page end.