Shouldn’t all girls today get a chance to grow up with this?

Memorable Visuals

Vibrant, authentic, inspiring, heartwarming, in action …

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Dozens of Early Teen Heroines

a novelty in history

With youth-powered actions changing lives laws and industries

for everyone to join


Changing the Image of Youth

and forging new alliances with adults – in education, media and civil society


Their Stories

told each with short story (fit for bedtime reading), rich visual imagery (above is only a small choice!), in a mix of longer stories, photo essays, articles and profound interviews.

View some of the short stories, embedded in poster sets; which are also available for readers to use for exhibits and presentations.

Deep interviews unveil How-To’s, details and anecdotes, make readers feel like they have walked by their side, feel knowledgible, confident and ready to stand up, join or implement their solution locally. It’s not what normal interviews do, huh? I call them Interviews for Change.

Showing how youth leadership ventures unfold – from a candy kebab stand to global impact. 

This simple ancient graphic gives a taste of a high quality Photo Essay in the book and free-to-download 120 photo Project Development Toolkit, showing how their journey continued to 150,000 books, changing worldview, culture, lives and next – policies! With your support.

+ Happening Right Now!

Their stories are happening as we speak / read.

In Chloe’s case, I don’t even know yet what sequel to Divest Harvard she is currently launching. I know that it will be a groundbreaking climate campaign, and she’ll unveil details while I compose the book.

+ Check in Live!

Readers will be able to switch „live“ to follow the story unfold on her social media blog diary.

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Discover the Secrets and Powers of Gaming

Discover what Planet Earth is REALLY like

Discovering Our Role in this Miraculous World…

and how to PROTECT it

… ending spoil and waste

… shifting focus to non-violence

… making ecosystem destruction a crime against peace

… making war profits illegal

… casting a protective web of Law around the Planet.

One More Thing

Re-Discovering the FEMININE

in its Softness, its Purity, its Strength


that is all to often FORGOTTEN

We think it is BETTER

to erase all DOUBTS about Girl Stuff

Our kids are our greatest bliss and blessing

Our Girls are pure Awesomeness

We have to AFFIRM that our girls are under intense THREAT and PRESSURE – and end it!

It is high time that we PROTECT them from

  • Vampires
  • Savage Beasts
  • Pollution of their Bodies
  • and Hearts
  • Destruction of their Dreams
  • of their Trust in their Strength
  • of their Fertility
  • even physical destruction of their babies


In a world where, I believe, the pen is still mightier than the AK-47, it remains, no matter the challenges, our task to tell our storiesEncouraging and applauding the success of women might become an elegant and subversive act of cultural freedom. An act that with unflinching determination we use to redefine our social landscape and realise our human potential.

Heather Rose at the 2017 Stella Prize, Melbourne, May 2017

„Why is the new controversial Netflix series so popular among teenage girls?“ 13 Reasons Why is about … the kinds of things that go on in the lives of girls, but “no one ever does anything about” – or is even willing to acknowledge, much less discuss.“

We do not promote, watch or link to that series. We offer solutions.

The Guardian, May 2017

and likewise affirm our power to make our streets and public spaces safe and welcoming for girls and women again. Learning from Peacemakers – those going where there is no peace. The champions : WOMEN!

Holley Kearl

Stop Street Harassment Campaign

making our streets and public spaces safe and welcoming for girls and women again. We at YL adapt this for schools


creating safe havens in war-torn Kabul for street children, girls and boys of dozens of cultures to live and learn together and bridge inherited hurtful differences

Ameena Matthews

Ceasefire Chicago / Cure Violence

curbing gang killings by 89%, creating safe neighbourhoods and changing the image of dangerous gang youth

Sister Somalia

saving and de-traumatizing rape survivors in civil war

Erin Gruwell

healing hurtful biographies by reading diaries of children in war, making youth open up, write their own, heal and thrive again!

Mayerly Sanchez

creating peace in ourselves, peace zones in ghettos, gang and civil wars, as well as peaceful vision for our countries and communities.

Continuing the Read in Real Life

Instant Actions

supporting their favorite causes with the YL Boost Club

Bringing 1,000's of Kids into School

by campaigning for implementing new laws

Book Drives for First Nations Children

building healing bridges across historic divides

Empowering Orphans

with a safe home, loving community and quality education.

Equipped to Inspire Friends, Peers and their Community

for sharing on social media and newsletters of organizations and workplace

on Youth Leadership for use at school, in organizations, …

for use at school, workplace, public libraries, events, cafes, waiting rooms, public space…

modeled on the wildly successful approach of Lulu Cerone’s Lemonaid Warriors.

To live life to the fullest.

For Ourselves

For Our Loved Ones

For Our Path in Society

For the Planet

earning badges, credits, levels and honors for activities and impact of value for their learning path at school and CV

What will the world look like in 5, 10, 20, 40 years, if all girls today get this book in their hands?