Worldview Change

on girls, women, self, youth, society, our future. That’s already plenty.

„The most inspirational videos I’ve ever seen. It makes me feel I want to get up and do something, too.“

„I never knew young people can do this. This gives me so much hope.“

„The stuff that makes you say Sign Me Up.“

If you think about … it’s likely that a read does this, also

Shares on Social Media

reaching dozens of others


Interaction across Platforms

to view bonus videos, interviews, action guides deepens the experience, makes it more memorable and visiting and following social media streams of girl & women changemakers creates a long-term bond for daily life.

Joining the Global Community

connecting with a year-round stream of high value youth leadership activities, solution stories, news, opportunities, interactions, free media and tools.

Creative Contributions

in form of comments, surveys, photos, artwork, uploads, research and nomination of heroInes deepens reflection, gives an experience of inclusion, being relevant part – as submissions become visible on our websites, and also educational media for our global user community.


"Peace With Our Bodies"

a special collection of women-composed media on beauty in different cultures, menstruation, childbirth, motherhood, the sacred, oneness with the living moves minds, feelings and conversations and balances media influence

Shares with Friends & Family

for fun, sensation, starting conversations with parents, peers, … of youth, activism and female matters.

Stories directly involve readers for contributing to

Field Partners

also spreading our media and youth leadership

Books With No Bounds

book drives to First Nations youth, schools and communities – with Emma and Julia

Bal Manch

bringing another 10,000 kids into school using the new RTE Right To Education Act – with Pooja

Play Well Jewelry Africa

shipping loads of LEGO to kids in Africa – with Alicia and Annabelle

raising memorable awareness

for a healthy planet and living we all care for

with Coral

reading labels, creating videos on yukky ingredients in popular foods

with Madi & Rhiannon

ditching palm oils in sweet, mushy foods that no one really needs

with Avalon

cutting species extinction, ecosystem destruction and global warming by a swooping 50%, by shifting to delightful plant-based diets

Discovering Nature

and sharing adventures on social media, our media, news media and schools

Protecting Nature

by ending use of poisons harming our bees, bodies and babies

joining campaigns

that make a difference

Saving Our Sharks

with Ocean

Protecting Our Waters

from fracking – with Chrissie and millions others

Protecting Wild Animals

from poaching – with Raabia


as you see under HeroInes and Impressions

Then, some of these are probable, too

A Single Book Drive

using Emma and Julia’s story generates 100 to 1,000 books at an average school, worth  $1,000 to 10,000€.

A Fundraiser

of just „one ball of ice-cream’s worth per student“ at an average school generates $500-1,000€ … and students will see impact unfold on social media, in print-outs on walls displays and get inspired for „more“.

And there is even this…

"What To Do Next"

is a richly illustrated section, embedded in the book (not attached), personally addressing the reader on the experience, reflection, their power and the importance of taking steps of action, using the power tools provided by YOUTH-LEADER

The FUNdraising Magic Pack

has tons of tips and tricks for mobilizing people and contributions, … also in parents’s workplace and schools…

The Poster Sets

on 49 Youth Leaders, and on Girl & Women Changemakers make it easy to reach 100*s over long time at school, libraries, cafes, workplaces…

Inspired Youth can Form a Club

taking year-round actions backed by our global community

The Presentation Kit

equips for powerful 1-3 hour interactive presentations on youth leadership in class, to groups…

A Global Community of Like-Hearted Friends

opens doors to unlimited opportunities

The Project & Campaign Pack

for use in groups, class, workshops provides a powerful Roadmap tool and 100+ actions used by the activists in the book

Then, there is


with more books, games, calendars, coloring books, music, musical … making the best Birthday and Christmas Gifts … seeding the spirit even further

Change Generation Rising

offers FREE participation in a year-round stream of action, making such action impact every week or month, earning badgesof value for their CV and professional path

Every single Book in the hands of a Girl is likely to generate this Impact.

This is why I create this book.

I hope that YOU will help me complete it, and help seed it to the world via social media, printed copies and your ideas.