„Let’s bring the finest Girl & Woman Changemakers on the planet into the Homes, Hearts and Hands of Our Girls!“

People, planet and our girls are under tremendous pressure. Rules, regulations and good intent have not been enough. There is great need to act at a completely new level of spirit, genius and impact. This „NEW“ is already here, embodied by a new generation of changemakers with solution „models making the current model obsolete.“

The challenge is to empower ALL our kids to be positive, resilient, backed and empowered to evolve the skills to stand in their strength, build unity protect what they love by wielding these solutions, and becoming the „new human model“ making unsustainable, warring, bullying societies obsolete. Also this human model solution exists – embodied in those we bestow with our societies‘ highest awards and invite to speak at schools.

The KEY is that 80% of human behavior is shaped by role models. „The most inspirational I have ever seen. It makes me feel I want to get up and do something, too.“ That’s what DOTS does. Imagine the following in each and every girls‘ home. We may not get into every home. But we all can do better than none, don’t we?

More than a book!


  • with dozens of grand Girl & Women Changemakers on the planet
  • with their authentic, hand-picked stunning visuals, deep interviews
  • interlinked with powerful online videos and music
  • and their „live“ social media
  • linked with instant opportunities for actions and interactions with heroInes
  • making youth leadership omni-present at school
  • and of course, there are secret codes to unlock for bonus online contents. Yiiieh!


  • of the power of one and our common future 
  • with focus on youth leadership, sacred activism, social entrepreneurship
  • unveiling the Story of the Change Generation
  • making it come alive in readers hands and daily lives
  • by immersing in the story on our social media
  • and becoming active part of it
  • with agency to shape lives
  • and the world


  • walking, learning and feeling with true heroInes 
  • plus all the necessary tools and support for making youth leadership omni-present among schools, peers and community
  • plus taking action on all their favorite causes backed a global changemaking community – and all this based on wildly successful proven models
  • plus 100% future revenue going to youth leadership
  • plus directly boosting the missions of courageous teen changemakers advancing grand causes.
  • This is a superb gift for every conscious girls today!


  • more powerful than short time clips, briefly viewed alone on the internet
  • a veritable artefact, beside the bed, on the shelf
  • a lifelong companion – rich in layers of content, evolving online media, inter-action, and a teen’s evolving experience of self
  • a key format to get into bookstores, schools, libraries, homes and under Christmas trees

A SUPERB GIFT for a girl’s birthday and Christmas.

Let’s do this!

Who is in it?

The benchmark of selection

The featured changemakers are selected by a mix of these factors

  • proven model solution
  • well visually documented; inspirational, memorable, comprehensible
  • replicable by youth and adults everywhere
  • available by mail or skype for support to replicate their solutions

These are the cornerstones enabling replication for real world change. How many high impact changemakers do you know that are available to meet with young people around the planet? These are not wrapped up in their focus campaign, but share the vision of empowering this entire generation to do like them. This is a rare breed.

What makes it unique?

Profoundly transformational

  • forever changes worldview on girls and women
  • changes worldview on young people and the power of one

A memorable multimedia experience

  • a bliss to the eye, richly illustrated page sized
  • fun cross-platform experience to videos, music, interaction
  • exciting „real feel“ by latest news on heroines‘ social media
  • hours of cinematic experience
  • short stories fit as bedtime stories
  • stunning change generation music



Equipping & Empowering

  • confidently living their values
  • inspiring family and friends
  • involving peers, school, groups and colleagues
  • uplifting part of daily life at home and workplace
  • make omni-present at school, in media and public
  • take action with an impact on favorite causes
  • meet „live“ with staff, heroines, inspired student clubs, teachers, parents…
  • access global changemaker community
  • year-round stream of actions
  • youth leadership program
  • found local chapter

with rich benefits for personal, idealist and professional paths

  • a true initiation to youth leadership
  • a portal to the world of changemaking
  • nurturing skills, evolving as a changemaker
  • adding value to personal development, family life, education, activism, journalism …

What does it do?


  • “I have already cried many times. My daughter will love this.”
  • “The most inspirational videos I have ever seen.”
  • „It makes me feel I want to get up do something too.“
  • „I never knew young people can do this. This gives me so much hope. I am floored by the potential.“
  • „The most energized lesson ever, Even the most quiet students had something to say.“
  • „Students and teachers want me to hold a session on how they can take action.“
  • „I am flashed. The session inspired the principal to run three youth leadership classes next semester.“


  • Emma and Julia have raised 150,000 good books with school students and citizens
  • Madi and Rhiannon’s 120,000 strong petition has made Girl Scouts and Kellogg’s make moves for sustainable palm oil policies
  • Lulu’s Lemonaid Warriors have grown to 400 fundraising teams
  • Nellie and friends’ wild public street actions against ivory trade in Hong Kong broke the media and government silence, leading to today’s complete ban in China
  • Robyn promotes the „Blue Community“ Resolution for local water stewardship. She has turned 30 cities „blue“, banning bottled water, keeping water public, and making it a human right. At age 13, she is three times more successful than the entire BC movement
  • Youth movements have grown to 12,000 schools taking monthly actions, changing learning culture, scoring six hours live on main tv
  • and the adult changemakers are making tremendous waves also

This is what this book is going to evoke. 

Already millions are inspired, thousands joining. We can take these and other movements to greater scale.

Imagine …

this had been in girls‘ hands 10, 20 years ago. And in classrooms. Let’s do this now.



Click through the clip slide by slide.


Eric Schneider, founder Youth-Leader Images & Voices of Hope IVOH Award 2012

Hiya, caring friend, I have great news!

DAUGHTERS OF THE SUN presents outstanding girl and women changemakers leading massive youth- and people-powered model solutions for positive change that we need everywhere.

It changes worldview, dissolving every idea of girls and women being in any form inferior or suboptimal. Give them your best, let them freely live by their nature, follow their hearts, and they are pure bliss and awesomeness!

It is authentic truth – rich visuals, deep interviews, meshed with online videos and live social media streams bringing the heroInes alive – unleashing our greatest asset in personal growth : ROLE MODELS!

„80% of human behavior is shaped by role models, much of it subconsciously, copy-paste“

… the most outstanding, strong, pure, caring, giving, open-hearted, virtuous role models for the girls of the Change Generation – to stand in their love, self-respect, vision, and passionately, courageously living it, for themselves, their loved ones, and their communities, for people and planet – to protect what they love and create the world of awesome they wish to see.

This already makes this book a world-premiere, but there is more.

Readers are empowered as users and changemakers by

  • making creative contributions and following action tips at each profile
  • making girl power omni-present in their lives at home, school and workplace using associated teaching tools, poster sets and action kits
  • mobilizing friends, forming teams, joining missions, fundraisers, campaigns, projects …
  • changing lives, laws, industries and learning culture like their peers
  • even meet heroInes Live on Skype and on site
  • as part of a global Youth Leadership program
  • designed with grand changemakers in every the planet

DOTS is for girls and women to be at peace, awesome, to unfold, florish and transfrom the world, for teachers and activists to achieve their valued aspirations, for boys and men, to heal, grow and be fantastic brothers, lovers and fathers. It is also for journalists, so they start doing their job of uplifting the people. It is also for faith groups to heal obsolete misinterpretations of the divine.

„Daughters of the Sun is a powerful artefact in girls hands, in every home.“

GIRL & WOMEN EMPOWERMENT is a HIGHLY POPULAR TOPIC – and this book has everything to become a cracking bestseller, setting off fireworks of positive action!

So please chip, donate generously, enjoy the brilliant perks, subscribe for updates or explore more options on the YL Charity site and CG Rising store.

Thank you from the centre of my heart.

The Author

With Green School Bali youth leaders COP21

In 2000, at the Universal World Exposition expo 2000, with a focus on sustainable development, I realized that „the solutions for peace and abundance for all exist; this has to get to the people, into all schools!“ – and I know how it can be done, easily, without strees on time, finance or training of teachers, – powered by students and supportive adults.

This vision has ever since led me to develop and evolve the easy-to-use architecture, a synergy of positive news media, student-club powered informal learning, speakers platform, youth leadership with top changemakers, empowering citizen volunteers in all spheres of life etc.

All modules / prototypes have been successfully tested with user groups across age groups and cultures from Argentina to India, Brazil to Korea, Germany to South Africa. Allies around the globe are getting enthusiastically involved. Hence…

I have been spending my past 16 years in the company of high end changemakers from every field, meeting many face to face.

These wonderful people who I call my friends and family have raised millions, impacted millions of lives, generated billions of page views, conquered morning and evening news, ads, family and fashion magazines, We Day stages, innovated industries, upgraded global law and are shaping history as we speak.

I am able to sense and to convey their genuine spirit, as well as the DIY know-how to readers, with ideas for adaptation in different contexts of school, country or culture, – and involve them in global empowering community.

I know them well, they appreciate my sincere and unique offer of serving the high purpose of taking their example to this global young generation, into schools, and help boost their initiatives to national and planetary scale, powered by ordinary people with a big heart.

They trust me to use and adapt their media well for the cause, sticking to their genuine spirit, values and aims.


It is my dear wish to see them burst in joy as their missions achieve a point that they can sit back in peace.

My Path, Highlights, Feedback

I founded an early pioneer of Positive News, attracting 10,000 online volunteers from 70 nations (that’s 10% of the UN’s total online volunteers!) for writing, editing, translating and publishing in 12 languages, recognized with two UNITED NATIONS Online Voluntering UNOV Awards 2010 and 2012, earning status as Official Project of the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development ESD, making youth leadership a year 2012 priority of german UNESCO and more.

YL members have been to Antarctica, atop Kilimanjaro and Mount Everest, the sacred valley of Macchu Picchu, dived in the Arctic Sea, you name it. Volunteers have changed lifestyle, launched projects, taken on journalism studies …

As project leader, even before wordpress and youtube, I learned everything from scratch, about webdesign, graphic design, video editing, online volunteer mass management. I know everything for running this unfolding global operation in detail, enabling me to work with staff in high quality and efficiency.

I have presented on six continents, to audiences across age groups and cultures, kids, teens, students, academics, social business, democratic schools… backed by the tremendous videos and stories, powered by my passion, vision, trust in inborn beauty and powers of my audience and rounded off with an enormous amount of solutions, tools and anecdotes the reaction always is

  • 1 hour session : „standing ovation“ … not that german students would do this, usally. I just said bye and wished them all the best for their lives.
  • 1 session during a week’s event : „the best session was Eric and Youth Leadership, by far.“
  • 1 week campus : „the best week in my life“, „Eric’s a legend“
  • Bulls Eye Feedback posters (great? new? important? should everybody know? wish for it to be at your school? 90% in the centre, „ready to get involved?“ 20 centre, 50% middle, 30% observing, none outside)

This, combined with the approach to connecting humanity’s leading changemakers and sustainability solutions with the young generation at school using student-powered wall (news) displays powered by students as Informal Sustainability Learning Environments ISLEs has been reciognized with the „Nobel Prize for Media with World Benefit“ : the Images and Voices of Hope IVOH Award, an honor I share with the founders of Kosmos Journal, Frontline and the Director of TED.

Now, I combine all those heroInes, tidal wave methods and everything I know in the Change Generation Rising educational / youth leadership program, designed as adventure reality game, which has scored Pacemake Status in Ashoka’s re:imagine learning Challenge, only beaten by their own fellows‘ already operational $200,000 ventures. Booh! But now it’s going live without a big nanny, which is even better.

Q&A with Eric Schneider

Q&A WITH ERIC - Why Girl Empowerment?

There are a lot of inherited hurtful ideas and habits in our cultures and societies, and new insane behavior patterns like slutshaming, as well as insane societal messages coded in fashion, looks, lifestyle, sexuality, diet, profession, career etc pushed on girls by media, peers and the local community. At the same time, these girls aka youth are to become creators, inhabitants and stewards of a sustainable civilization, protect ecosystems, change industries, governance… and it doesn’t make it easier that they are labelled as indifferent consumerist fools, useless and even „lost generation“, especially since each and every horror of today is exclusively the fault of grossly unsustainable adult generations, incl. cancers, racism, war, you name it. Bombarding girls with pitiless female CEOs and power politicians doesn’t help.

All this guides us to what kind of Girl Empowerment we have to talk about.

What is the Power of Role Models?

„80% of human behavior is shaped by role models, much of it subconsciously, copy-paste.“ This is fantastic for wolf babies, copy-pasting from their hero parents, perfect lovers, providers and play partners. It is very bad though for non-peaceful, unsustainable societies. Role models are our biggest asset in transformational learning (such as when becoming parents, career changes, acquiring a new hobby…) and can be conveyed via media. This is

  • why hero role models are so important : strong, pure, soft … their inner peace, abundance and hearts large enough for giving, helping others and serving a greater cause but their personal pleasure
  • with tangible solutions, replicable by ordinary youth and adults everywhere
Which changemakers do you select?

The finest changemakers, selected by a very special benchmark, a mix of

  1. powerful model solution, implemented at large scale
  2. well visually documented – so people feel, understand and can act
  3. fit for joining, scaling, replication
  4. available for support via email or skype

caring not only for their core mission but for empowering the global young generation to do like them

Do you know the featured girls and women?

Yes, I have been spending my past 14 years in daily interaction with changemakers.

  • I know them well, know how they think, feel, what drives them, and stories behind the scenes
  • I can convey their genuine spirit, mission and aims
  • They appreciate my commitment to take their example to the global young generation and scale their initiatives‘ impact to planetary scale
  • They trust me to use their images, resources, tools and knowledge for excellent support of their priority aims
What is the book like? How it is composed?

The book is a collection of profiles / portraits, each composed according to the cause, available media and „specific magic“.

  • each has a short story, in a nutshell, for overview and as bedtime story
  • each finishes with take action propositions
  • in-between are shorter or longer stories, or photo essays, or profound interviews taking you on a walk in the changemaker’s boots
  • accompanied by my comments, adding anecdotes of their unfolding adventures, our personal interaction for campaigns and events, highlighting their superpowers and how to wield those oneself – for the same and greater impact, and more.
  • each is interlinked to bonus online media: their websites, social media, extraordinary videos, articles and interviews… connecting with them „for real“ and long-term
  • some are highlighted as focus field partners … for instant support through fundraisers, with tips and tools for mobilizing peers, students, co-workers and the public
  • there is fantastic music accompanying chapters
  • and there are secret codes to unlock – for accessing surprising, and of course verrry cool bonus contents
  • and subscribed readers can receive updates via newsletter

That’s mighty.

Then, there are also the

  • tool collections
  • community to join etc
  • contributions to make: songs, nominating heroines, feedback etc

In short, a massive cross-platform experience entering a bright new world and making it part of daily life.

Why make them omni-present in girls' lives?

Seeing an inspirational 3 minute video is not enough in the ocean of negative influences of uncaring, apathic, self-satisfying citizens suffocating our luminous youth. We need this powerful upliftment, hope, badass confidence and genius solutions be the NORMAL state of being. With bright smiles, Hi5 and celebration that we are now creating a world of awesome for all.

Why make present at schools?

Inspired girls must be able to share, mirror and live their newly found truth, values and passion

  • with family, friends and peers

However, as they spend MOST of their waking time around school, 7-17h, 7am-5pm, it is important that they can live it there also, and not reduce their feelings and wisdom to zombie level. School is the (only) meeting place of our entire global young generation, where

  • they spend the larger part of their forming years from 6 to 18
  • they can learn about humanity’s finest solutions
  • they can share passion, make agreements and pledges on what world they want
  • they can team up, plan and implement action
How do featured changemakers benefit?

FIRST of all, by the significant exposure and follow-up action

  • multilingual, globally
  • building deep connection with readers
  • leading to their social media for live connection
  • with highlighted calls to action
  • for fundraisers for their missions
  • for joining their campaigns, founding local chapters etc
  • for forming long-term partnerships between groups, schools, co-workers and young heroInes abroad

AND through 100% of future sales benefit youth leadership
1/3 directly to heroInes
1/3 for seeding media to schools
1/3 for the Change Generation Rising educational and youth leadership training

BOTH the direct action and the generated funding are long-term, as this is going to become a bestseller promoted long-term through our shop, channels, partners and upcoming translations!

What action tools do you provide?
  • tools and tips for inspiring friends and family
  • presentation kit for presenting in class, at workplaces and organizations
  • roadmap for developing projects and campaigns
  • heroInes poster set for pop-up exhibits on youth leadership
  • teaching tools and educational programs
  • multi-media, videos, music, musical and more
  • social media for year-round inspiration and inter-action
What support services do you provide?
  • youth leadership program for inspired youth and adult allies
  • live on skype meetings with Eric, staff and heroInes
  • high impact student club community
  • summer camps for inspired teens
  • online / volunteer community
  • field partners for long-term partnerships
What is your background and experience?

Please view THE AUTHOR above, and dig through some more at my website eric.youth-leader.org.

What do see as best seal of quality of your work?

My references are

  • my work with YOUTH-LEADER, the media, methods and services
  • the friendly collaboration with the world’s finest teen and adult changemakers
  • the boombastic feedback by participants, users and members in seventy nations, across age groups, professions and cultures
  • some prestigious awards and memberships
Why are you doing this?

I love this planet, I love our people and cultures, I love children, today’s and coming… and I love my 4 billion beautiful, awesome sisters! I love my 4 billion brothers. And I want to help them cleanse and liberate themselves from impure patterns pushed onto them by psycho-emotionally hampered adult generations.

I want them to thrive, live and dance in bliss, joy and abundance – living life to the fullest in every respect, as they DESERVE : as girl, teen, lover, friend, adventurer, mother, dreamer, … as heroInes creating the world their hearts know is possible and aspire to create in this epic lifetime.

What are your aims?

The solutions for peace, joy and abundance for all exist. So why continue bearing this abominable suffering? That would be stupid. Instead, I call humanity for a Speedrun* to a Bright New World with flying banners!

Speedrun, def. gaming; „A speedrun is a play-through (or a recording thereof) of a video game performed with the intention of completing it as fast as possible.“ Wikipedia

I want this entire global young generation at and beyond school to grow up learning and implementing humanity’s finest solutions for inner and outer peace and abundance – in collaboration with the greatest genius changemakers of our time

  • so our global youth grow up as change generation
  • well supported by their adult allies (parents, teachers, citizens…)
  • so our schools become the learning environments they are meant to be
  • so proven solutions are quickly boosted to planetary scale

so we achieve a global, peaceful, just, thriving and sustainable, a sacred civilization, in our lifetime.

What can I do? How can I help?

First of all, boost this crowdfunder at high speed

  1. chip in what your heart tells you, anything from a ball of ice cream to a holiday’s worth
  2. sign up for updates and seeing success unfold
  3. share this call far and wide, using our promo images and video


  • join as youth, volunteer, teacher, partner
  • use the Action Tools to spread youth leadership with us!
  • combine with actions for your favorite causes, your organization or other
  • partner for seeding media to all classrooms in your district, city or region
  • explore more, extraordinary options on the YL website
  • connect with us for doing good you have in mind

„The future of all species and generations to come depends on the people alive right now.“


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