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Turns readers into users

Empowers for action

WITH Heroines!

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The Book

All over Earth, teen and adult changemakers are rising, changing lives, laws, industries and learning culture at phenomenal scale. Their example inspires us with hope and a sense of action, and it is time that we get their stories into the > hands > hearts and > homes of our children, so they can grow up inspired, equipped and empowered as the Change Generation, evoking the same magnificent impact – in partnership with their fabulous peers. We are beginning with GIRL & WOMEN HEROINES – because it’s needed! (Sons of the Earth follows in Winter 2017)

270 pages

full color

700 photos

soundtrack by Fire Mane

5 hours of videos

interviews, photo essays

comes alive with heroInes‘ fb streams

actions guides for each!

bonus online media

live newly found passion in daily life

tools and tricks for use at school

student club community

leadership program

LIVE meetings


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„A must for every kid of today.“

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